Our Team

Meet the people behind Man Cave Cars and Classics Ltd

  • Craig

    Craig is our CEO and car expert – I have more than 25 years of classic car restoration and car building experience. I have been fortunate to have owned many great classic cars, including multiple 1950’s & 1960’s Corvettes, a 1958 Mercedes 190 SL Convertible, multiple 50’s Buicks, 60’s Mustangs, Bel-air’s, and many, many more. I have extensive (formula 3 equivalent) open-wheel racing experience. This includes heartbreak, many wins, 185KPH crashes and a ton of fun. I know cars and my knowledge, expertise, and passion are what I offer to all our clients.

  • Fiona

    Head of marketing and general administration – or the lady who holds it all together. Fiona makes sure the team delivers on our promises to provide ongoing service by ensuring a smooth-running business.

  • Jon

    Jon is our in-house Classic Bike expert - simply put - Jon knows his "stuff"! It is evident in how he prepares our bikes for sale, each bike is carefully sourced to ensure we have quality and mechanically reliable bikes available. Jon personally goes through each bike in detail, which can sometimes take months to ensure that it is market and sale ready so you can buy with confidence. Jon is always available to chat and guide you through your bike needs and options. We hope to see you soon.
  • Rob   

        OK - Not sure how to describe Rob, brilliant mechanic, part madman, part joker, very entertaining - and  he gets the job done - In simple terms Rob knows his craft!

         Great Team Player and  a great coach to Freddie 

  • Freddie 

        Freddie is new to our team and is currently studying at college to achieve his certification as a trained mechanic.  

        Freddie is a vital member of our team , he loves to get involved and no job scares him, he is currently serving his apprenticeship and is gaining in both confidence and experience. 


  • Roxy

    Roxy is our greeting specialist and will greet you with a very animated tail wag and will happily donate a bunch of her fur to you - she loves attention and will return it in bunches.

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